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Please reference the following maps for your child's bus route information.  Thank you.

North Creek - Grove Bus Run - Danny 2017

Manderfield Route 2017

Bean Farm Route 2017

Minersville Bus Route 2017

Milford Hwy 21 Route 2017

Milford Flat Route 2017

Route Change for Greenville – Adamsville – Beaver Grove

Based on a request for service by the residents of the “Bean Farm” portion of Greenville.

An initial survey was taken and verified.  A potential count of eleven has been restructured to a count of nine with one in suspense.  Provided ten students come in, a spur will be established for the Bean Farm road.

The impact from this extension will cause several issues with other portions of the route.  Most notably will be the time impact on other riders and the wear and tear on the bus that is dispatched on the dirt road.  Provided we change the route, the changes will be as follows:

The route will run through to Adamsville via the East turnoff.  After going through and exiting the South entrance, the bus will enter the Bean Farm dirt road and continue through to Greenville stopping at the Williams’ to pick up students in the immediate vicinity and also any students that were previously picked up to the West.  From Greenville, the bus will go to the Grove area and then to Beaver.  There will be a route reversal as per the driver’s instructions for either the AM or PM run.

When comparing the times and distance of taking the oiled road versus the Bean Farm dirt road, the following facts were found;  dirt road time was 10:45 minutes compared to 7:30 minutes for the oiled road.  All speed limits were followed.  The mileage on the dirt was 5.1 miles compared with 4.6 on the oiled road.  With an increase of 3:15 minutes, it has been decided the route change is feasible.

For the future, a better solution would be to add an additional route and have it service the Grove and the main North Creek Road area.  Currently we do not have the resources to provide for the new route but that will be the direction we will go when we acquire an additional bus for route service.  For the current time, we hope all affected will be adequately served.

Questions on bus service should be directed to Tracy Davis – 438-2291

New 2009-2010 Mileage in Lieu Reimbursement Form

Mileage in Lieu Reimbursement Form

The Beaver District Bus Request Web Site can be found at: http://trans.beaver.k12.ut.us/


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